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Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVEbooks. I have an addiction for them, but that’s okay, right? I want my home to be filled with books, a thousand different kinds dedicated to my love for the written word. As of now I own roughly 600 books, and I only want more. But in my current apartment (which I share with my perfect fiancé, C.A.Thatch) we’ve filled up all of our shelves, and have little room left to fit another one.  So for now we’ve decided to slow down on buying books and concentrate on reading every single one that we own. One day though we’ll start procuring books again, so I need to get savvy about saving space. Hence the above picture. I love the idea of putting them under the staircase in a bookshelf I’ve made myself. Perhaps the Harry Potter books belong there :p just kidding.

Any and all books fascinate me beyond measure, and I’m always looking to read new authors so if you’ve read a book you want to tell the world about, tell me too.


A Quote from Gandhi

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi has always been one of my favorites to quote due to his intelligent and kind nature. His belief system of kindness has always moved me. If people could just be a little more kind more often then the world would be a much better place. Just smile more, really it will help.
Here’s a link to more of Gandhi’s quotes.




This poor child being born
doesn’t know yet that it will fail.
Not soon, but too soon all the same.
A hundred eons and not enough,
nothing survives but the end.

Days drift on memories disremembered,
willed away by need, climbing to the surface,
bloated cadavers of missing thoughts
floating up and up until they drag us down.

White knuckles, no breath.
Let it go! Never,
Never tight enough.
Slinks away to fly
nothing true to touch.

-Seneca Sutton

Truth on a Page


Old piece of paper
dull lines faded to the background
margins as pink as new wounds
imitating guard rails of protection.
Graphite mistakes erased away,
but the pale reminder lives on.
Scratching at the truth
to fill the absolute emptiness
with my blue words.
My prayers, my thoughts.
No response.

She told me to wake her,
tell her goodbye when I leave
but the hidden bottle by her bedside
tells me that I shouldn’t
my thoughts tell me I can’t.
The torn remains of my last note
will serve to tell her what I can’t.
I love you
One line to match one little whisper
No response.

– Seneca Sutton

My California

This is an assignment from my Poetry class.  The teacher had us write an imitation poem based on Natasha Trethewey’s poem This is Gulfport. An imitation poem just means borrowing some element of the poem, form, wording, content, topic etc.


This is my California
it’s deserts and Death Valley,
gangs and gunshots
echoing from the road’s edge.
Its inhabitants hunkered
against the fear, anchored
by empty bank accounts.
Children named for the dead,
in a crossroads of memory
marked with a white cross
and flowers already crushed.
While candles burn in church houses,
a congregation of mourners
mixed with hearts made of brick
echo a chorus of sorrows.
God knows not the victim.
Sooner or later,
everyone leaves here.


I bought a wheelchair

in a Walgreen’s at midnight

the box showed a smiling elderly woman

I named her grandma Ellen and hated her.

Outside in the burning night I pushed

little metal pieces together, made it whole.

I wanted to smash it.

Instead I shoved it in our car

an unwanted present for you.

The doctor-wardens wouldn’t

set you free without it.

Apply the brakes so it could

be just like you.

It carried your broken pieces,

but no one tried to carry mine.


Seneca Sutton

Jane Austen

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”

Oh, Jane Austen, how I love you. One thing I adore about Jane Austen is her honesty. Seriously, she was so far ahead of her time in the feminist movement it’s unbelievable. All of her books are wonderful, but if you aren’t a fan of old English start with Pride and Prejudice. If you’ve already read it then don’t stop there. Austen is known for more than just one book. Try Sense and Sensibility, or Persuasion, or Emma. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s a link to a site discussing her books and the novels she inspired with her writing.