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Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVEbooks. I have an addiction for them, but that’s okay, right? I want my home to be filled with books, a thousand different kinds dedicated to my love for the written word. As of now I own roughly 600 books, and I only want more. But in my current apartment (which I share with my perfect fiancé, C.A.Thatch) we’ve filled up all of our shelves, and have little room left to fit another one.  So for now we’ve decided to slow down on buying books and concentrate on reading every single one that we own. One day though we’ll start procuring books again, so I need to get savvy about saving space. Hence the above picture. I love the idea of putting them under the staircase in a bookshelf I’ve made myself. Perhaps the Harry Potter books belong there :p just kidding.

Any and all books fascinate me beyond measure, and I’m always looking to read new authors so if you’ve read a book you want to tell the world about, tell me too.


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